Welcome, Jeopardy Fans!

Lizzie with Alex Trebek

Dear new friends who found me because of Jeopardy…

Hi! Welcome!  Yes, I did appear on Jeopardy on October 15th, 2018, coming in second and proving that I have watched a lot of Star Wars. I had an amazing time and if you’re interested in reading more about my experience on Jeopardy, I blogged about it here and here.

When I’m not appearing on the best game show ever,  I write romance novels (which you have probably figured out by now). On this site you can explore all of my books, but if you’re wondering where to start, you can get a taste for FREE by downloading the first book of my Reality Romance series, MARRYING MISTER PERFECT.

Marrying Mister Perfect    The Decoy BrideMiracle On Mulholland

Marrying Mister Perfect was my first contemporary romance novel and I am still incredibly proud of it, but I do feel that I have grown since I wrote it, so if you want my most recent attempt at All The Feels, you can check out my latest release, THE DECOY BRIDE, or pre-order my upcoming heartwarming Christmas novel, MIRACLE ON MULHOLLAND, coming November 13th!

Welcome again and Happy Reading!