Frequently Asked Questions

Do your books need to be read in order?

No. Each of my books can be read as a stand alone romance.  However, for the books in series, characters in previous books will appear in later stories and there may be some spoilers if they are not read in order.  Recommended reading order can be found at the Reader Guide.


Will there be more Pine Hollow books coming?

Yes!  Look for more adorable pooches and happily ever afters coming in 2021!  Starting with Once Upon a Puppy, Deenie & Connor’s story!


Is there sex/spicy language in your books?

It depends on the book.  A Royal Christmas Wish, as a Hallmark release, features no sex or strong language.  The Pine Hollow series is also on the sweeter side, but may have the occasional use of saltier language and sexy times happening off the page.

The Reality Romance, Bouquet Catchers, and Yours For Christmas series may have some open-door sex scenes and strong language, but they are not explicit – generally I would consider their heat level “sensual” rather than erotic.


Are your books available in Audiobook?

At present, the first five books of the Reality Romance series and A Royal Christmas Wish are available in audiobook.  To listen to samples, click here.


Are your books translated into other languages?

At present, only The Twelve Dogs of Christmas will be translated into languages other than English, but I will keep you posted as that develops!  Current planned translations for The Twelve Dogs of Christmas include: Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Polish.