Fake Bride, Real Romance


The Decoy BrideWhat’s the hottest movie star in the world to do when she wants privacy for her wedding day?  Pay someone else to stage a fake wedding half a world away, of course.

Struggling artist Bree has been the great Maggie Tate’s decoy for a while now, but when the movie star asks her to impersonate her for three weeks to distract the paparazzi from her real wedding she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.  Especially when she realizes she’s going to be isolated in one of the world’s most romantic settings with the bodyguard she can’t stop drooling over.

Retired football star Cross has always been driven to be the best at everything he does – whether that’s professional sports or personal protection.  He doesn’t make mistakes.  Ever.  But when the sexy little decoy and her complete lack of impulse control start throwing him off his game, he’s about to discover that there are some things in life he can’t control.  Like the irrepressible decoy… and his heart.

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